Sample Library Manufacturers

I use Ableton and there are a load of small quite niche oriented sample library makers. I love the versatility and I love discovering things within the packs and to repurpose them. One such plugin pack, which comes free with Ableton, is Hecq The Forge.

Generally things go well in the world of bespoke sample packs but occasionally there are packs with unresolved file references. Recently, I’ve purchased packs from two sources that exhibit this problem. Personally, I expect not to encounter any dialogue box telling me that the file can’t be found. However, when it’s quite clear to me that the issue concerns file naming conventions then it should be a straightforward swap.

Of the two manufacturers, one replied with courtesy and didn’t take me for a ‘numpty’ and the other one was so full of himself that any decent discussion was never going to get off the ground. the latter developers’ position was that the (paying) customer was always wrong. If you’re interested I’d spent nearly £100 with this developer. Their username Starts with a Z but doesn’t have a G in it!

There is a certain arrogance among some of the smaller providers that all issues are the users and not them. Of course they’ve probably modelled their approach on that taken by Native Instruments who have never responded to a single email. However, many developers and sample companies are great and people could learn a lot from someone like Steve Duda creator of Serum and LFOTool. Even big companies like Waves respond with very little prompting.

So well done to the other developer, Afro DJ Mac, for hanging in there. Take a bow!



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