Kygo and Primacy or Why I’m Not an Avicii Copy!

I love the words and lengths people go to to justify or make claims for something. One case in point is this article in Billboard that concerns Kygo, Diplo, Coldplay and Avicii.

I think it’s always interesting when the ‘how did you get started’ question is asked. Here Kygo (Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll) recalls

Avicii’s melodies were so simple and cool, and they were actually similar to the melodies I played on piano


Notice the order of events. Avicii’s melodies were similar to his melodies and not the other way round. To reverse the propositions would be to admit the possibility of copying, inferiority, authenticity and to go against the ‘we’re all creative’ paradigm that seems to beset everyone. Could you imagine a young Eric Clapton being interviewed and asked the same question by responding ‘well I noticed that Muddy Water’s guitar playing and licks were similar to mine’? Of course not. Sounds ridiculous. So does Kygo’s reasoning. It’s mere camouflage for originality.

A case of the ‘cart before the horse’!


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